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AEROCAR seeks companies interested in participating in the development of new prototypes

Those who are interested should submit their ideas for the prototype before June 30



Leartiker participates in The International Fair of Additive Manufacturing and 3D ADDIT3D

ADDIT3D is Spain's first and most important trade fair for additive manufacturing. Leartiker has its own stand at the fair that shows the developments that have been made ad hoc for other companies in the field of 3D printing filaments.



Polymers and Medical Applications 2017

Leartiker has organized for May 5 the "Polymers and Medical Applications" which, in this fifth edition, will pay special attention to liquid silicone as a material with great opportunities in the health sector.



The project HEALTH LSR will be present during the conference on Polymers and Medical Applications

The fifth edition of the conference Polymers and Medical Applications, which take place yearly, will be hosted by Aitor Arbelaiz from the Bayonne Chamber of Commerce, and will focus on "Liquid Silicone and Health in our territory". Throughout his presentation, Arbelaiz will also talk about the market analysis that is being carried out within the European project HEALTH LSR and led by Leartiker, and of which the Bayonne Chamber of Commerce is a partner.



Dissemination of AEROCAR, on the day of Lightweight Technologies when Using Thermoplastic Composites

The conference "Lightweight Technologies when Using Thermoplastic Composites", organized by Leartiker S.Coop., will be the stage where the European project AEROCAR on technological transfer between aeronautics and automotive sectors will be monitored.



Characterizing Elastomer Fatigue Behaviour for Analysis and Engineering

Dr. Will Mars will give a master class to rubber profesionals in Leartiker


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