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Registration period is now open for the fourth edition of the TEP program

Thanks to an agreement signed with the National Technological Institute of Mexico and taking into account that more and more companies are participating in the program, the TEP organizers expect this year's edition to be the most international and diverse so far.



New installation of a filamented according to ISO-13485 standard

As the fruit of the alignment of the internal specializations of HEALTH and ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING, Leartiker has developed a complete installation of filamented FDM within its ISO 7 white room. This allows it to work according to the ISO-13485 standard.



Leartiker S. Coop, the Integrated Sanitary Organization (OSI)Bilbao Basurto and the Basque Foundation of Health Innovation and Research (BIOEF) sign an agreement for the development of a research pro

Under the title CIDI 3D: Advanced manufacturing of new devices In Digestive Surgery for patients with fistulas or ostomies. The main objective of the project is to design personalized ostomy bags according to the characteristics of the abdominal wall of each patient. It even aims to adapt the bags according to the changes that the configuration of the patient's abdominal wall is going through over the years.



Next April 27, the sixth edition of the Polymers & Medical Applications conference will be held in Leartiker

Next April 27, Leartiker will celebrate the sixth edition of the conference "Polymers & Medical Applications". In the aim of studying the opportunities and novelties that new technologies and polymers can bring to the field of health, the conference has become an unavoidable event for those interested in this field.



In Leartiker, the expert Will Mars is giving two specialized courses on Fatigue in Rubber

From next May 21 to 25th of the same month, the Lea-Artibai Innovation Pole will be the site of the week The Fatigue in Rubber. This initiative, organized by Leartiker and Endurica LLC, will offer two specialized courses that will be delivered by the world expert in rubber failure mechanics, the Dr Will Mars, partner of Leartiker and founder and president of Endurica LLC.



Fourth meeting of the AEROCAR consortium focused on prototypes development

The members of the European project AEROCAR met on December 12 at the facilities of CTAG in Porriño (Galicia). The meeting focused mainly on the prototypes to be developed in the fourth and one before the last phase of the project, which is expected to end in October of this year. One of the objectives of the AEROCAR project, co-financed by the Interreg Sudoe Program through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is the development of four prototypes: two from the automotive field that will be developed using aeronautical technologies and two from the aeronautics field that will be developed through automotive technologies. Hence, the project partners will have the collaboration of four companies from both sectors: Aernnova, Liebherr, Inapal Plásticos and Cikatek.



If you are interested in developing an R + D + i project related to polymer or food technology, please contact us!

A call by SPRI and the Provincial Council of Biscay went out for the following funds



Leartiker acquired a very useful machine for the HEALTH LSR project

At the end of 2017, Leartiker acquired a very useful new machine for the development of the European project HEALTH LSR: the brand BOY small silicone injector. This machine will be used to manufacture, at the very most, 27 grams prototypes and pieces. The aim is to use this machine to develop implants and useful medical devices. Accordingly, it is installed in a room in the pilot plant of the medical sector in which Leartiker is establishing the labour procedures required by the ISO 13485 regulation so that the products developed there comply with the GMP requirements (Good Manufacturing Practices). This new machine offers Leartiker an unbeatable opportunity to start cooperation projects with companies in the Health sector.



The HEALTH LSR project consortium met in Pamplona

On January 24, the members of the HEALTH LSR project consortium met in Pamplona for the first meeting of the year. AIN (the Association of Industry of Navarre), which recently integrated the project, was the host of the meeting held in its facilities in Pamplona. The project participants (CCI, AIN, UPPA, CUN, and Leartiker) presented their work they realised during the second semester of 2017; they then defined objectives for 2018. The next meeting will be held in July at the University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour.



The TEP program, led by Leartiker and Lea Artibai Ikastetxea, is plunged in its third edition and offers very high employability data

? The students of the third edition have already completed the theoretical phase and have joined their jobs in different companies to complete their seven-month placement. ? In the previous edition of the TEP, 70% of the participants got a job as soon as the program ended, and the figure increased to 85% six months after its completion.



SPRI has visited Leartiker

Alexander Arriola, General Director of SPRI, the Business Development Agency of the Basque Government, Iñaki Tellechea (the Director of Economic Promotion) and Aitor Cobanera (Director of Technology and Innovation) visited Leartiker.


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