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The carbon fibre will be the star of the conference that will take place next February 21

During the last years, a clear positive trend exists in the use of the carbon fibre in different applications. It is foreseen that this trend will move upwards in the next years. Leartiker, very aware of its importance, in collaboration with Aernova, has organized a conference for next February 21 in Lea-Artibai's Innovation Pole (Markina-Xemein, Biscay), where the central topic will be the carbon fibre.



The HEALTH LSR project gets into its final phase

After more than 3 years? work, the project Health-LSR, jointly financed by FEDER through POCTEFA, part of the Interreg Program, is getting into its final phase. The main aim of this European cross-border collaboration project is to improve the diversification of the polymers? companies in the Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarra region, taking as a base the liquid silicone applied to the health sector.



Leartiker became a partner of the Basque Health Cluster, hence reinforcing its strategy in the health sector.

Leartiker became a partner of the Basque Health Cluster in January. This latter?s General Manager, Maria Pascual, was in Leartiker headquarters. The research line in health is an important strategy in this technological centre, and accordingly, Leartiker designs, develops and implements medical devices.


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