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Technological Breakfast on Biopolymers on June 14


On May 14, Leartiker will organize a Technological Breakfast at the Lea Artibai Innovation Pole (Markina-Xemein). The event, which will start at nine, will focus on Biopolymers and their applications and future challenges in the industrial sector. Biopolymers, which are derived from natural resources or biodegradable polymers, have a lower environmental impact than other types of materials. They hence can be an alternative to plastic. According to their potential, the field of Biopolymers is one of the specializations defined within the strategic plan of Leartiker, which is why this Technological Breakfast is organized.

The event will start at nine and, after the presentation by Leartiker, Domingo Font from the company Ercros will address the meeting. Ercros is a renowned centennial state-owned company and a benchmark in the manufacturing of polymers. For several years, the company has been betting on the introduction in the market of bioclastics it sells under the brand of ErcrosBio®. During his presentation, Mr. Domingo Font will talk about the BIO origin of these types of polymers, their performance and their biodegradability. He will also emphasize on the potential applications of this type of materials. The event that will end at 11:30 is free to attend to, and those who are interested in being there can register on the website

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