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The second year graduates of the TEP program ready to join the labor world


Last Friday was the award ceremony of the second year of the international TEP program that Lea Artibai Ikastetxea and Leartiker S. Coop (Markina-Xemein) provide and that the European Social Fund is funding.

The ceremony, which took place at the Lea-Artibai Innovation Pole, was the central event of this day. It started with the presentation of some projects by the students and concluded with an aperitif to celebrate the work done.Technology Entrepreneurship Program (TEP) is the world's only training program aimed at developing technological and business skills related to polymer technology. Therefore, the 9-month program combines classes taught by experts in the field with a period of 7 months of training in real projects within companies such as MAIER GROUP, COPRECI or LEARTIKER. They also devote one day per week to group learning (conferences, company visits, group dynamics ...).

The results obtained within the program speak for themselves. More than 80% of the participants of the previous year, once the program over, were hired by a leading company in the sector and they got their first satisfactory work experience.

The eight students who received their diploma in this second year, 3 women and 5 men (one of them of Hindu origin, one Mexican and one Senegalese based in Ermua), were very happy and with great expectations for the future:I came from Mexico to participate in the TEP program, and after my internship at a company of Mondragón Corporation, I am back home with a work contract in the new plant that the company will open there  says the newly graduated Eduardo Márquez.

As for Irati Azkona, she said : I have not received any job offer yet, but thanks to TEP, I had a real first contact with the labor world. So I think that will be very useful in the future.

Three of the participants of this class have managed to finalize their program with individual labor contracts and one of them is developing his own business project.


The TEP program is promoted by the Technological Center specialized in Polymers and Food LEARTIKER and LEA ARTIBAI IKASTETEA. They both rely, for the development of the program, on the collaboration of other industrial and social organizations, such as Mondragón Corporation, Bizkaia Talent or Renault Consulting.

"We believe in the potential of the program and we think that the best way to value the candidates? talent is to combine training and practice and eliminate costs for candidates," says Rikardo Hernández, program coordinator and Leartiker polymer specialist. Thus, to facilitate to the utmost the participation in the program, daily food and accommodation will be included for anyone who requires it. The candidates will be accommodated in the residence of LEA ARTIBAI IKASTETXEA together with the foreign students who also participate in the program.

In order to respond to the need of globalization of the companies, the TEP program seeks participants from all over the world, mostly technical profiles, with personal interest and teamwork and leadership skills.

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