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Introducing HEALTH LSR in various cross-border forums


On June 29 the Health LSR project was presented at the third cross-border meeting of Bio-health Industries, Biosanté. It was held in Bidart and titled Innovation and Business Projects in Health: Keys to Success. Organized by the Basque Health Cluster, Sodena (Sociedad de Desarrollo de Navarra), Gipso (Groupement des Industries Pharmaceutiques et de Santé du Sud-Ouest) and TIC Santé Cluster, this meeting was aimed at entrepreneurs, researchers, academics and agents of innovation in the health sector of Euskadi, Nouvelle Aquitaine and Navarre.

About thirty flash presentations from companies, public research groups and cases of success of cross-border collaborations took place. In this area, Leartiker Technology Centre presented the European project HEALTH LSR. The event was organized in order to promote cross-border collaborative projects between industries and researchers from public and private entities of the health sector in the three territories. More than 180 professionals attended the event and had the opportunity to hold B2B (Business to Business) interviews; this was a great opportunity to make this European project known to various companies and entities.

On the other hand, a month before, on May 30, the Chamber of Commerce of Bayonne celebrated the creativity conference Innovation & Materials: Applications of LSR Silicone for human and animal health, in which Leartiker also presented the project HEALTH LSR.

The event started with the presentation of this European project co-financed by the ERDF and was followed by an explanation of the properties and characteristics of LSR silicone and the existing applications in the health sector.

With the aim of promoting improvements and ideas, the event gathered health professionals, silicone transformers and designers from Iparralde (the Basque-French zone), Navarre and the Basque Country. They all engaged in different work groups. Thanks to this collaboration, different professional practices or products were identified. These can be improved thanks to the characteristics of the LSR silicone.

The partners of HEALTH LSR project, led by Leartiker, are already immersed in the identification phase of applications and high value-added contributions of the LSR silicone for the health sector. The project partners are committed to develop 5 prototypes during the period 2016-2019.

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