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Tailored meetings with experts from the University Clinic of Navarre to progress in the HEALTH LSR project


Within the framework of the HEALTH LRS project, Leartiker attended a day of tailored meetings with several experts from the University Clinic of Navarre (CUN), which is also an associate of the project. HEALTH LSR is a European project co-financed by the ERDF that focuses on the development of innovative cross-border activities in the health sector. The objective is to improve the diversification of the polymer companies in the Aquitaine ? Euskadi (The Basque Country) - Navarre regions, for which liquid silicone prototypes will be created and, later, transferred to the companies for the industrialization and commercialization phases. This will reinforce the economic ties that link the different actors of the project.

After the phase of identifying the applications and the high added value contributions, the project has already designed its first prototype, which is especially applicable to cell therapy. It is a totally avant-garde technology through which different types of diseases can be cured. In addition, in the near future, when combining it with the gene therapy, this technology will be extended to an increasing number of diseases.

While performing the functional tests of validation of the first demonstration, it is time to start defining which following demonstratives are going to develop in the project. To ensure that the needs of different medical specialties are taken into account, Leartiker, on 6 October, held tailored meetings with different experts from departments of the University Clinic of Navarre such as the Interventional Radiology, Cardiology or Otorhinolaryngology. After this very productive day, Leartiker will analyze the technical feasibility of the ideas that brewed in the meetings, and will propose a list of priorities, taking into account their scientific-technical interest. Two more demonstratives are expected to be developed in this second year of the project, with a total of 5 demonstratives being the target the project committed itself to develop within the period 2016-2019.

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