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SPRI has visited Leartiker


Alexander Arriola, General Director of SPRI, the Business Development Agency of the Basque Government, Iñaki Tellechea (the Director of Economic Promotion) and Aitor Cobanera (Director of Technology and Innovation) visited Leartiker.

The first issue we dealt with was Lea-Artibai 2020 strategic plan and its main objectives, for which the following participating entities Lea-Artibai Ikastetxea, Azaro Fundazioa, the Leartibai Development Agency and Leartiker made a presentation.

After the meeting, we visited the facilities of Leartiker Food Technology, explaining the services offered by the different specializations. Amaia Aguirre de Auzolagun and Jose Pablo Larrea de Harakai, clients of Leartiker, accompanied us and informed the visitors about the projects we are developing together.

Then, at the facilities of Leartiker Polymer Technology, Jatsu Intxarbe de Batz and Aitor Alberdi de Kautenik, both partners and Leartiker clients, made well known the importance of Leartiker for their business. Additionally, we also visited the different facilities and specializations that we have in the field of polymers.

The representatives of SPRI lauded our interest in the ecosystem that we created and congratulated us for working with clear objectives, for being close to the companies and for fulfilling the objectives set by the Basque Science and Technology Innovation Network (RVCTI).

Congratulations to the entire team and thanks to SPRI for coming to visit us!

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