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Next April 27, the sixth edition of the Polymers & Medical Applications conference will be held in Leartiker


Next April 27, Leartiker will celebrate the sixth edition of the conference "Polymers & Medical Applications". In the aim of studying the opportunities and novelties that new technologies and polymers can bring to the field of health, the conference has become an unavoidable event for those interested in this field.

Five experts will will meet at the Lea-Artibai Innovation Pole to talk about different aspects of the use of polymeric materials in medical devices: Angel Lanuza (Coordinator of the Spanish Federation of Companies Healthcare Technologies - Fenin), María Teresa Gomez (Chief Auditor in Quality, Environment and Healthcare Products from SGS company), Marian Garayoa (Association of the Navarre Industry - AIN), Clara Garcia (BC Materials) and Iban Quintana (Tekniker).

One of the most outstanding communications will be delivered by Angel Lanuza, who will discuss the Opportunities and Trends of the Sector: Innovating in the Financing and Incorporation. Marian Garayoa presentation will be equally interesting. She will talk about the research, carried out within the European HEALTH LSR project and led by Leartiker and in which the Navarre Industry Association also participates, regarding the evolution of this technology.

The conference will be held at the Lea-Artibai Innovation Pole from 9:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Those interested in attending it can register by filling out the following form.

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