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Registration period is now open for the fourth edition of the TEP program


Thanks to an agreement signed with the National Technological Institute of Mexico and taking into account that more and more companies are participating in the program, the TEP organizers expect this year's edition to be the most international and diverse so far.

Technology Entrepreneurship Program TEP is the only dual training program in the world aimed at developing technological and entrepreneurial skills related to the polymer technology. Organized by Leartiker S.Coop and Lea Artibai Ikastetxea (Markina-Xemein), financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the fourth edition of this international program will start in October and registration will be open until June 15.
On the program's website (, a list of the profiles that companies seek for 2018/2019 was published; it includes several branches of knowledge and different studies. This is due to the fact that, before each edition, the TEP organizers meet with the companies that participate in the program. They then analyze the needs they have both in here and in their factories abroad, the objective being to know exactly what type of profiles they are looking for.
Through this method, the actual needs of the companies emerge to the surface and it is easier to try to respond to them using the program. Thanks to this relationship, if both parties are satisfied, TEP participants get a job in the company where they do the internships, which happens in 85% of the cases. Foreign students? case is especially interesting: they have the opportunity to know the culture and how the parent company works. On the other hand, the company acquires the necessary confidence to hire that person to work in a subsidiary and transmit what they learned within the company itself. In addition, hiring the talent in the countries where the subsidiaries are located avoids cases of expatriation for work reasons.
Those interested in participating will have to send their curriculum vitae and a covering letter to the address before June 15.

All ready for the fourth edition

Several changes are expected for this year, a sign that the program is evolving and improving from one edition to the other. As more and more Basque companies need technical profiles of Mexican origin, Leartiker has signed an agreement with the National Technological Institute of Mexico to train and attract young Mexicans to the TEP program. In addition, there are more and more companies joining the program. So, the organizers expect an increase of international students, especially from Mexico, but also from India, China and Europe. Also, there will be changes in the theoretical modules to adapt and to get as close as possible to the real needs of the companies.

Data from previous editions

In the third edition of the TEP program (ongoing now), there are twelve participants, four of which are international from the United States, Mexico and France. For now, the students are doing seven months internship in companies such as Maier Group, Cikautxo Group or Mubea-Edai. It is expected that 85% of them will get a job in the company where they practise. Also, after a companies? request, this edition has introduced several new features such as a one-week theoretical training on the method of Lean Manufacturing or the TEP Challenge to end the theoretical phase of the program. In this TEP Challenge, students had to overcome a challenge in just 24 hours, working as a team and putting into practice everything they learned.
It should be noted that in the second edition 75% of the participants got a job immediately after completing the training. That figure increased to 85% after six months. Thanks to its close relationship with companies and the specialized training it offers, the TEP program offers very high employability data.

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