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Leartiker has taken part in two events related to the HEALTH specialization


Leartiker has taken part in two important events recently. First, on June 14, it took part in the conference med.con organized by the company Engel, an Austrian company. During that day, this latter, which produces injectors, presented to the companies that work in the health sector in Spain the options it has. Altogether, there were 52 participants and Leartiker had the opportunity to present the Health-LSR project to them.

On the other hand, on June 15, the Radical Health conference, Opportunities Emerging in the Biosciences-Health Sector in the Basque Country, took place in Bilbao. Several agents of the health sector, such as the sanitary system, the centres of biomedical research or the companies network in the health sector took part in the meeting. We were around 100 participants who aimed to identify and analyse the opportunities, challenges and solutions that R + D in the health sector can bring, always having in mind how to improve the competitiveness of the sanitary system and its companies.

Both events were unsurpassable opportunities for Leartiker, since it was given the possibility to be up-to-date with the latest innovations of the sector Health. Besides, it presented the work that is realized in this area to a public increasingly important.

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