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The third edition of the TEP program came to an end.


On June 22, within the framework of the program Technology Entrepreneurship Program (TEP), organized by Leartiker and Lea-Artibai Ikastetxea and financed by the Social European Fund (FSE), the delivery of diplomas of the third edition was celebrated. The most important moment of the event was when the students presented the projects they have been working on from December to June while being interns in a company the program offers.

The participants of TEP were employed at several different companies and developed projects of different typology. In Cikautxo, the Mexican César Troncoso worked on the development of the process by means of extrusion; in Maier the Basque Jon Borregan focused on the optimization of the SMED methodology. The Mexican Israel Tavera worked on the management of international purchases whereas, at Mubea, the Basque Alexis García looked into the dynamic coefficients of friction. And finally, at Leartiker, the Frenchman Hugo Mathe y Leire Etxebarria devoted themselves to the specialization of health.

TEP's primary aim is to encourage the employability of the participants once the program is over, an aim that has been fulfilled one more year. Most participants will then join the Basque factories or companies in other countries where the interns were.

We wish all the best to TEP students both in the professional and in the personnel areas. Congratulations to all!



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