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Leartiker Technology Centre Receives The UNE 166002 Standard Certification for Its RDi Management System


Leartiker Technology Centre, located in Markina-Xemein, promotes research, development and innovation in polymer technology and food. Aiming to improve day by day and to offer the best of services, the technological centre moved a step forward and adapted its RDi management system to the Une 166002:2006 Standard requirements. To comply with the requirements of this standard certifies the ability of Leartiker to effectively perform research, development and innovation activities. Also, it externally demonstrates the level of quality in carrying out such tasks.

When facing the adaptations to the work methodology that are required by the standard, Leartiker adopted the following principles throughout all the implementation process: effective and non-bureaucratic approach, involvement of the company's staff, emphasis on planning, application of steady improvement and integration of the system coherently.

Thanks to this milestone, Leartiker has managed to certify its system with which it manages its RDi activities and which is now integrated in the general management of the organization. Also, through this methodology, it has been achieved the mainstreaming of the knowledge and the practice of strategic innovation in each of the units of knowledge management and specialization of LEARTIKER. So now, identifying opportunities will be more agile and steady. It will open up new spaces for technological development and creativity, always relying on people. It should be mentioned that the external certification audit highlighted as Leartiker strengths its high orientation to RDi processes and its competitive intelligence methodology.

Therefore, this first and successful milestone is the first of many to come in the coming months. In addition, to keep our maintenance and improve our management system, external and internal annual audits will be carried out.

UNE 166002

UNE 166002 is a specific standard on management of R Di activities, a benchmark to enhance and systematize the innovation activities that are essential for the development. Thus, maximum efficiency can be achieved in the research, development and innovation that are carried out at the centre, and so for the continuous improvement of the clients? satisfaction and of the personnel that participates in these activities. Hence, the certification allows an external demonstration of the level of quality that has been achieved.


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