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Leartiker will start working on optical silicones at the project HEALTH LSR


Leartiker will start working on optical silicones at the project HEALTH LSR. The aim will be to design and to develop a prototype mould to test the advantages of this type of silicone, hence to be able to share the knowledge that was acquired in the consortium of liquid silicone.

To date, in medicine, the products that are produced with silicone offer several advantages in comparison with those produced with other materials. They are clearer; they do not turn yellow with; they can be used between -110 ºC and 200 ºC without cracking nor losing its behaviour. In addition, they neither react to the X-ray beams nor to the majority of chemical agents.

In recent years, the companies that produce liquid silicone such as Momentive, Elkem, Wacker, DowDuPont and Shin Etsu among others, have been developing liquid silicone of great transparency. This new silicone is perfectly suitable to produce pieces of great precision (caps, joints, valves ?), but it also has a potential market in the optical production.

From the point of view of optics, the products of silicone combine a great transmittance with a low attenuation, allowing a better light capacity of the LED. In addition, the silicone is a very stable material that keeps its optical function during all its useful life.

In fact, through the injection, pieces of good optical quality can be easily and quickly produced. It is because the liquid silicone easily copies the surface patterns of the moulds. Therefore, it allows to get inverse curve pieces in a unique injection, something that is not possible with other materials. Hence, it offers the possibility to create complex optical components and to have several injections in the same mould, which would staggeringly reduce the current cost.

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