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Leartiker publishes 9 scientific articles in renown international magazines


Leartiker is a member of the RVCTI (The Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network). Leartiker's mission is to adequately transfer the knowledge of the Polymers Technology and Food so that that the companies of these sectors are more competitive.

For it, it is iessential to create knowledge and technology and transfer them to the companies. To promote the creation of knowledge, Leaktiker develops doctoral theses and internal projects. To get this work known, in the last years, Leartiker published different articles in recognized international magazines.

Since Leartiker S. Coop was created in July, 2015, 9 articles were published in international magazines, 3 of them in Q1 level magazines and the other 6 in Q2 magazines.

If a magazine has the Q1 level, this means that it is in the first quartile or the higher 25 % of the most mentioned magazines in the field. In the Q2, nevertheless, they are the magazines of the second cuartil (25-50 %).

Besides the scientific articles, the research projects are presented in congresses so that opinions are confronted to other scientists?. It is necessary to stress that the acceptance of the projects depends on a scientific committee that gives its approval. Since Leartiker's foundation, 26 projects have been presented in several congresses.

In the year 2015, Leartiker organized the third congress of Science and Technology of Materials that attracted more than 100 researchers to Markina-Xemein. This year, the fourth edition, organized by CEIT and the University of Navarre, was celebrated in Donostia. During the congress, it was decided to create a permanent scientific committee that is composed of, in addition of 2 companies, the organizing entities up to date (CEIT, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Polymat and Leartiker).

Leartiker Elikagaien Teknologia

Edificio Tecnología de Alimentos

phone: +34 946169167

Xemein Etorbidea, 19
48270 Markina-Xemein (Bizkaia)

Leartiker Polymer R&D

Lea Artibai Berrikuntza gunea

phone: +34 946169089

Xemein Etorbidea, 12A
48270 Markina-Xemein (Bizkaia)

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