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Testing&Simulation Unit

The main scope of this research and development unit of Leartiker is to,

The testing and simulation unit covers different fields of the structural behaviour of polymeric materials:


Our mission is to improve the correlation level between experimental testing and FEA when designing polymers made components in different sectors: automotive, sports, aerospace, medical, electronic devices, etc.


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New installation of a filamented according to ISO-13485 standard



Leartiker S. Coop, the Integrated Sanitary Organization (OSI)Bilbao Basurto and the Basque Foundation of Health Innovation and Research (BIOEF) sign an agreement for the development of a research pro



Next April 27, the sixth edition of the Polymers & Medical Applications conference will be held in Leartiker



In Leartiker, the expert Will Mars is giving two specialized courses on Fatigue in Rubber



Fourth meeting of the AEROCAR consortium focused on prototypes development


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