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Creativity Room

Our most creative space aims to break the routine and generate creative habits starting with the change of the common workspace.

The space is designed respecting Feng-Shui criteria and the colours, textures and shapes that are used favour a fully creative atmosphere.

Types of dynamics that are attended in the creativity room:

Leartiker Elikagaien Teknologia

Edificio Tecnología de Alimentos

phone: +34 946169167

Xemein Etorbidea, 19
48270 Markina-Xemein (Bizkaia)

Leartiker Polymer R&D

Lea Artibai Berrikuntza gunea

phone: +34 946169089

Xemein Etorbidea, 12A
48270 Markina-Xemein (Bizkaia)

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