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Pilot plant in medical sector
We have a pilot plant that manufactures polymer component and is designed to meet the demands of a growing sector in our environment: the medical...
Compounding pilot plant
We have equipment to fabricate thermoplastic blends and additives at the pilot plant (production: 2-10kg / h) that consists of...
Creativity Room
Our most creative space aims to break the routine and generate creative habits starting with the change of the common workspace. The space is designed...
Materials characterization laboratory
The materials characterization laboratory is equipped with the most advanced equipment in polymer characterization, satisfying all the demands of our...
Advanced mechanical characterization laboratory
We have a specialized facility for dynamic, fatigue impact and traction at high speeds tests, as a support to the technological services and to R & D. The considerable effort...
Rubber mixtures laboratory
We have equipment and necessary additives for rubber mixtures at a prototype level. We provide advice on design and development of mixtures to achieve certain specifications...
Metrology laboratory
We have a dimensional metrology laboratory, in which we offer a measuring service and the realization of dimensional reports. The equipment that is available is...
Polymer processing workshop
The diverse set of equipment available at the workshop could provide a response to the needs of the productive sector. These facilities allow the manufacturing of...
Business Modules
In Leartiker, we work closely with Azaro Fundazioa, entrepreneurship and innovation centre committed to the development of Lea-Artibai. Business breeding ground...

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