Development of a Thick-walled Carbon Fibre Reinforced Brake Calliper for High Performance Automotive Applications


Detalles del proyecto

Abbreviation: CARBOBREAK

Start date: 2021-03-01End date: 2024-03-31

Budget: 259.869.963 €

Funding: Facturación: 99000€


Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer CFRP materials have the potential to meet high structure-mechanical and complex functional requirements, improving efficiency of lightweight structures. However:

  • Thick-walled composite components are required but exhibit manufacturing defects
  • Complex components limit the possibilities for a cost-efficient manufacturing
  • Recycled high performance CFRP is a need for environment and society
  • Loading conditions (thermomechanics, acoustics) are complex.

This project develops an integrated computational approach to optimize the process and design of thick-walled composite components, by:

  • Combining high pressure SMC process and autoclave curing for cost efficiency
  • Developing a process simulation tool dedicated to thick-walled components
  • Developing data-driven stochastic multi-scale simulation tools for complex components
  • Implementing a comprehensive life cycle analysis to drive the selections

Considering a composite brake calliper as demonstrator.

  • GD Tech
  • MSC Software Belgium S.A.
  • Université Liège
  • IPoint Austri
  • Graz University Technology
  • JKU linz IPPE
  • Hinsteiner Group
  • Fagor Arrasate S. Coop.
  • Ruimoldes 2012 S.L.
Activities carried out by Leartiker
  • Developments relate.d to the material, as well as to improve the design methodologies related to compression moulding of SMC
  • SMC material characterization and modelling.

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