Generation of a new company to design and develop new food and hydration products for the senior sector

Project details

Abbreviation: SMARTFOO(L)D

Start date: 2020-03-01End date: 2022-12-31

Funding: HAZITEK Programa (ZL-2022/00056 proiektua)


This is a project co-funded by the Ausolan-led HAZITEK Programme (ZL-2022/00056 proyect) designed to create a new technology-based company focused on the innovation of V-range foods and drinks in terms of textures, adaptations and formats for the senior consumer. These products may also be targeted at other sectors of the population including, for example, people suffering from conditions such as stroke/brain damage, patients who have received chemotherapy or who have neurological diseases that impair chewing and swallowing.

This project aims to contribute to the field of research related to the health and ageing of the population in the Basque Country, responding to the current situation and the concern for social well-being and the reduction of health costs associated with diet-related chronic diseases.

  • Leartiker S.Coop
  • Ausolan
  • Vascolac
  • BCC
  • Hermanas Hospitalarias Aita-Meni
  • ISEA
  • Insalus
Activities carried out by Leartiker
  • Development of innovative, nutritionally tailored products with adapted textures based on fruit and vegetables.
  • Development of fermented dairy products, nutritionally tailored with adapted textures.
  • Nutritional and sensory analysis of the products developed.




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