Standardisation of the organoleptic quality of the Euskal Gaztak range of cheeses through the technological optimisation of production processes

Project details

Abbreviation: EGOT

Start date: 2022-12-16End date: 2023-12-31

Budget: 74.881 €

Centre bugdet: 73.981 €

Funding: Eusko Jaurlaritzako Berriker 2022 programa – Expedientea 00030-BGI2022-54


Txuria, Fraisoro, Otzara, Saroi, Auntzai and Latxa Urdina cheeses are made from traditional Basque recipes but, since 2018, provided that they are made with milk that bears the EUSKO LABEL, they can be marketed under the EUSKAL GAZTAK range of products. The body that regulates these products is HAZI, which has established data sheets that include the specifications that have to be met by each type of cheese. Nevertheless, it is still common to find highly variable cheeses that bear the same name. This means that consumers are unable to clearly identify the type of cheese that they are consuming with each given name, meaning that cheeses that bear the name EUSKAL GAZTAK may not achieve the expected quality.

The Dairy Centre has closely monitored the creation of the brand, and the defining of the quality parameters for the products that bear its name. To continue working in this direction, through the BERRIKER 2022 research grant awarded by the Basque government, the EGOT project was asked to optimise the production and ripening processes for the EUSKAL GAZTAK cheese range and to distribute complete data sheets, in addition to a tasting guide for each cheese, in order to standardise the organoleptic quality of the products being marketed. The results achieved will be made freely available at no cost to any company in the industry in the Basque Country.
  • Leartiker, S. Coop.
  • EUSKAL GAZTAK is a protected denomination that is overseen by HAZI.
Activities carried out by Leartiker
  • Technological optimisation for the production and ripening of cheeses that bear the EUSKAL GAZTAK label.
  • Development of a methodology to assess the organoleptic quality of the cheese that fall under the EUSKAL GAZTAK brand, through tasting.



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