Analysis of the technological parameters of the processing process of each cheese family as quality control of the processing and ripening process.

Project details

Abbreviation: GAZTAKAL

Start date: 2022-12-01End date: 2023-12-31


The overall objective of this project is to investigate the processes followed in the production of different types of cheese and to analyse the different ripening techniques available, measuring critical technological parameters during production.

Throughout this project we will work on the following lines of research:

  • Analysis and development of processing processes for each cheese technology.
  • Analysis and application of cheese ripening techniques.
  • Analysis and measurement of critical production technological parameters.
  • Analysis of the microbiota of milk and cheese responsible for the evolution of sensory and healthy characteristics.
  • Leartiker S.COOP
Activities carried out by Leartiker
  • Establish technological production parameters for each cheese typology.
  • Develop pilot scale development tests using predefined technological parameters (prototyping).
  • Establish the tuning process for each cheese typology.
  • Apply the tuning process for each type of cheese.
  • Measurement of physic-chemical parameters relevant to the control of production in the production of each type of cheese.
  • Achieve optimal acidification curves for each type of cheese, playing with the technological parameters of processing.
  • Characterization of milk and cheese microbiota through metagenomics.
  • Product quality control.

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