Study for the creation of a value chain based on the transformation of by-products of the dairy sector, into products aimed at the nutraceutical sector.

Project details

Abbreviation: PRO2O

Start date: 2022-12-01End date: 2023-12-31

Budget: 54.315 €

Funding: Eusko Jaurlaritzako, Bioekonomia 2022 programa – Expedientea 00003-BIO2022-48


Whey is one of the main by-products of the dairy sector, representing about 85% of the total volume of processed milk, depending on the cheese technology used.

Its treatment and use have been and continue to be the subject of numerous investigations, developing important technological trends for its optimal use and transformation into a component with great potential. However, many of the investigations carried out have not been transferred to the artisan dairies in our environment, due to logistical problems of storage, collection, and transport. The main objective of the PRO2O project is to develop a methodology suitable for artisan dairies where a controlled fermentation process is carried out from the whey, obtaining as a product a biomass with probiotic properties to be used in the nutraceutical sector.

The project will experiment with different types of controlled fermentation from different combinations of ferments using equipment and utensils commonly used in dairies and monitoring the processes. The original whey, fermented whey, as well as the biomass, will be characterized both by classical techniques of microbiological analysis and by metagenomic techniques. The final goal is to obtain a biomass that is as enriched as possible from the probiotic point of view.

  • Leartiker SCOOP
Activities carried out by Leartiker
  • Study the different models of artisanal cheese factories in the Basque Country and define the production model to reproduce on a pilot scale.
  • Design and define a controlled fermentation methodology, reproduce it on a pilot scale and carry out its validation.



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