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Leartiker has joined the European Union Manifesto for Covid-19 Research

Aware of its responsibility as a technology and research center that seeks innovative solutions, Leartiker has joined the Manifesto for Covid-19 Research of the European Union. The Manifesto seeks to maximize the accessibility of research results in the fight against Covid-19. By signing this manifesto, Leartiker agrees and supports: making research data available through the European COVID-19 Data Platform and grants licensing intellectual property resulting from EU-funded research.



Immersed in the development of medical prototypes for pediatrics, cell therapy and apnea within the LGMed project

Leartiker leads the European LGMed project in which five other partners (a university, two business promotion centers and two hospitals in the Spain-France cross-border region) participate and aim to promote the development of 4 prototypes of medical devices. This project which is co-financed 65% by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Interreg POCTEFA Program, began last June with a telematic “kick off meeting”.



Clinical trials begin to validate the medical device developed in the INTELOST project led by Leartiker

The clinical trials of the INTELOST project led by Leartiker and carried out together with Biocruces (OSI Basurto) and the University of Deusto will start the first week of November. These trials will last 6 months and will serve for the validation in real clinical use of the personalized and sensorized device developed to improve the lives of ostomy patients at the Basurto Hospital.



We have a new doctor at Leartiker, CONGRATULATIONS AIZETI!

It seems like yesterday that we first saw our partner Aizeti enter Leartiker. It has been three years since that day and her work in this short period of time has been impressive. And if that were not enough, she has also been able to complete her doctoral thesis.



Leartiker improves its capacity for dynamic characterization of polymeric materials with its new METRAVIB DMA + 300 equipment

The Leartiker technology center has taken a leap in improving its capabilities for the dynamic characterization of polymeric materials through the acquisition of METRAVIB DMA + 300. This is a new equipment for dynamic mechanical analysis (known by its acronym in English as Dynamic Mechanical Analysis , DMA).



Closely following the latest developments in DIGIMAT composite material modeling software

Leartiker has not failed with its annual Digimat Users Meeting. This event, which is always held in person, has gone virtual this year due to the pandemic.



Turning plastic waste into sustainable products for maritime industries

Leartiker and Azaro Fundazioa have held a workshop within the European CIRCULARSEAS project • The project focuses on promoting the circular economy with the aim of transforming plastic waste into sustainable products for the marine industry. • More sustainable products have been identified that can be developed within the project through the use of 3D printing technology. • The CircularSeas project contributes to the Circular Economy strategy of the Basque Country thanks to the integration of the maritime sector and the Circular Economy.



A turnover of € 3M, more than 40 researchers, international projects and collaborations with companies:Leartiker's balance sheet after 5 years since its constitution as a cooperative

The Leartiker Technology Center opened its doors in Markina-Xemein in 2000 attached to the Lea Artibai Ikastetxea teaching center. After the decision of the Basque Government to separate education and research in July 2015, it became a member of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation network of the Basque Country, accredited as a sectorial technology area incorporated as a cooperative.



Upcoming workshops of the CIRCULARSEAS project

The Leartiker technology center and Azaro Fundazioa have continued to work together on the European project CircularSeas * in recent months.



Leartiker remains on the front line despite the Covid-19

Three months have passed since the health alarm was set due to Covid-19. During this period, the Leartiker staff has adapted to the new situation and has continued to work to meet the objectives set out in the management plan providing adequate service to customers. They have combined telecommuting from home and face-to-face activity, strictly executing security protocols.



Leartiker new member of the Spanish Center for Plastics (CEP)

The Leartiker technology center has joined the Spanish Plastics Center (CEP) during the month of April. The Spanish Plastics Center is a national association whose mission is to contribute to the knowledge and establishment of a responsible culture in the good use of plastic materials.



Leartiker hosts a webinar on "Polymers for the manufacture of Organ-on-chip devices"

May 15th was the date chosen by the Leartiker technology center to celebrate the eighth edition of the conference “Polymers and Medical Applications” at the Lea-Artibai Innovation Pole. This event, which is held annually and aims to study the opportunities and innovations that new technologies and polymers can bring to the field of health, has become an unavoidable event for those interested in this matter.



Leartiker will lead the new European project

Leartiker has started a new European project that will lead the technology center itself and in which it will collaborate with other European and national entities. LGMed is a two-and-a-half-year European cross-border collaboration project whose main objective is to improve the diversification of polymer companies in the Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarra region towards the health field, promoting the development of 4 prototypes of medical devices.



Leartiker has achieved ISO 13485 certification in order to ensure the appropiate management of the development of medical devices

The Leartiker technology center, in its strategic commitment to the biomedicine sector, has the Health specialization within the field of polymer technology. They develop medical devices of great added value for use in diagnosis, treatment and patient comfort. Therefore, obtaining this certificate means stating that Leartiker works under a demanding quality standard with which it transmits security and reliability of the developments and services it offers.



Leartiker and Azaro Fundazioa have made the official presentation of the European project CIRCULARSEAS

The objective of the project is to seek reuse strategies for plastic waste generated from activities related to the maritime sector. They will use 3D technology to create more sustainable products aimed at companies in the fishing sector.



Leartiker has organized an expert course in characterization and simulation of rubbers

In collaboration with the international expert Will Mars, the technology center Leartiker has organized a specialized training course in rubber fatigue that is taking place during the week of February 17-21.



Leartiker will make a presentation at the Aerospace Europe 2020 conference

Leartiker will make a presentation at the first Aerospace Europe 2020 international conference held in Bordeaux between February 25 and 28.



Leartiker will celebrate the eighth edition of "Polymers & Medical Applications"

On May 15, the Leartiker technology center will celebrate the eighth edition of the “Polymers and Medical Applications” conference at the Lea-Artibai Innovation Pole. This event, which aims to study the opportunities and developments that new technologies and polymers can bring to the health field, has become an unavoidable event for those interested in this area.



Open call to participate in the European project conference CircularSeas

On February 27, the official presentation of the European CIRCULARSEAS * project and the first regional workshop will be held at the Cofradía Vieja of Ondarroa by the hand of Leartiker technology center.


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