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Leartiker leads the AEROCAR project


The Leartiker S.Coop technology center has initiated a project called AEROCAR which aims to create a network of technology transfer between the aeronautical and the automotive sectors. This project, funded by the Sudoe Interreg program through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), will last for three years and, for its development, will be led by Leartiker in collaboration with entities from other regions: CTAG (Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation, Research and Technical Development of Automotive Industry Galicia), Rescoll (Aquitaine, France) and INEGI (Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Portugal).

AEROCAR aims to create a constant synergy between the aeronautical and automotive sectors that will improve productivity through the creation of new technologies, materials or processes, or through the transfer of all of them from one sector to another. Therefore, the technologies developed within the project will be those that the automotive industry would apply to the problems of the aeronautical sector and vice versa. This method will permit to reach the full potential of existing technologies and will make technology transfer easier. Hence, companies from both sectors will collaborate in the selection of the most viable products and prototypes so that they can effectively become applicable products to the current manufacturing processes.

The collaboration of companies and technology centers in Portugal, France and Spain will efficiently develop - yielding effective results - a wide range of skills, knowledge and resources that will be reflected in the use of new materials and process automation in both sectors. Consequently, the project will help boost the development of two strategic sectors in these territories, thanks to the high potential of innovation and job creation of added value that the automotive and aeronautical offer.

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