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Leartiker exhibits at the International Trade Fair for Plastics Processing FAKUMA


The Leartiker Technology Center will attend the International Trade Fair for Plastics Processing FAKUMA from 17 to 21 October in the German city of Friedrichshafen.

Leartiker will have its own stand at the fair (pavilion B5 - stand 5103) and will show its technological specializations in the field of polymers. The Technological Center participates in this fair for the third time, and, as in previous years, will take the opportunity to establish and deepen its relationships with clients and international collaborators.

Leartiker's areas of expertise

Within the broad field of polymers, Leartiker works in several areas of expertise. In the fair, the focus will be especially on the work done and on the progress achieved in the following:

3D printing: it is a production method that consists of the superposition of layers of material that allows the fast creation of complex components starting directly from its 3D design. In this area, the Technological Center will present new developments of material that has been designed for customers and they are the result of internal R & D.
Bioplastics: they are plastics derived from vegetable products or from renewable sources, which, among other advantages, respect more the environment and reduce the dependence on oil. In this sector, Leartiker will present new thermoplastic formulations suitable for the automotive sector.
Lightweight: they are solutions that combine materials, processes and product designs that are lighter, created to meet the need for certain sectors of the industry (eg. the automotive or aeronautics) to reduce weight. In this case, Leartiker will present products developed for its clients or in European projects such as AEROCAR, all based on the methodology of its R & D.
The prediction of fatigue behaviour in rubbers: fatigue is a phenomenon whereby the breaking of materials occurs more easily under dynamic cyclical loads than under static ones. Designing rubber products knowing their point of fatigue with the maximum possible accuracy is therefore an indispensable advantage when creating a new product in sectors such as the automotive. Leartiker will present some examples and the methodology of characterization, simulation and design with which it works for its clients.

All these are very current topics and of interest in the plastic and rubber industry and they have great potential for companies, especially for automotive companies with needs in some of the fields mentioned above.


FAKUMA is one of the most important trade fairs in the world on industrial plastics processing and it is annually held in Germany. In the 2017 edition (where it celebrates its 25th anniversary), it will bring together more than 1,800 exhibitors from 37 different countries, and it is expected that more than 40,000 professionals of the sector will visit it. It is therefore a great opportunity to make Leartiker?s work known and to establish new contacts.

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