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The TEP program, led by Leartiker and Lea Artibai Ikastetxea, is plunged in its third edition and offers very high employability data


The students of the third edition have already completed the theoretical phase and have joined their jobs in different companies to complete their seven-month placement.

In the previous edition of the TEP, 70% of the participants got a job as soon as the program ended, and the figure increased to 85% six months after its completion.

Technology Entrepreneurship Program TEP, is the only training program worldwide aimed at developing technological and entrepreneurial skills around Polymer Technology. Co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and taught by Leartiker S.Coop. and Lea-Artibai Ikastetxea (Markina-Xemein), this innovative program has already started its third edition with various novelties.

This third edition of the TEP program is the most numerous and international up to date: ten participants in total, including four internationals from countries such as the United States, Mexico and France.
Participants in this program enjoy the opportunity to evolve professionally through a seven-month placement in companies that have adhered to the program. It should be noted that the companies that have been participating in the program up to now are reiterating their involvement, and, that in this edition, two new companies have joined the initiative. In addition, this year, and at the express request of the companies, a week of theoretical training related to the Lean Manufacturing production model has been added. This reveals how vivid the relationship of the companies with the program is and the interest they show in the training of the participants.
This relationship and the preparation the participants receive make the employability data of the participants excellent once the program is over. So much so that 70% of the participants of the TEP second edition got work right after the end of the program; the figure increased to 85% six months after its completion.

End of the theoretical phase of the third edition

The TEP program has two different phases: an initial theoretical phase and a phase of training in companies. The participants of this third edition, which started on October 9, completed the theoretical phase on December 11 after receiving a total of 132 hours of training orientated to Polymer Technology and Entrepreneurship.
This theoretical phase saw a finishing touch: for the first time, the participants faced the TEP Challenge, another novelty introduced in this third edition. The challenge is that the participants had to respond to a problem related to the topics worked on during the first phase in a period of 24 hours only, working as a team and applying everything they learned.
Now the ten participants are already immersed in the Placement Phase and they enthusiastically joined their corresponding jobs in companies such as Maier Group, Cikautxo Group or EDAI.
This phase has an incentive for international students, since the TEP program has the objective to make it easy for these students to join and work in the plants that some of the participating companies have abroad, as is the case of Maier or Cikautxo in Mexico. It already occurred in the second edition and it is expected to be repeated in this third edition.

Ajay Vijay Suryanvashi,
ex-student of the second edition of the TEP program

I am a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering in the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay. The TEP program gave me a unique opportunity to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the development of polymer-based products in the biomedical domain. I firmly believe that the TEP program offers a unique combination of mastery in Polymer Technologies and Entrepreneurship and the development of practical skills through industrial projects ______________________________________________________________
More information:
Contact: / 946 16 90 89

In 1996, Leartiker was born as a support to the educational plan of Lea Artibai Ikastetxea of ​​Markina-Xemein. During these two decades, it became a reference Technology Centre in Polymer and Food Technology, with its own team of highly qualified researchers, which offers its clients a comprehensive service. Additionally, in 2016, it has become part of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network (RVCTI), a network in which most relevant R + D + I centres in the Basque Country are members.
From its headquarters in the Innovation Pole of Markina-Xemein, Leartiker carries out projects for more than 200 companies and institutions in the field of Polymers and Food Technology. The Centre performs accompanying tasks in the development of new products, advice and support in the search for new business opportunities just as the improvement and diversification of products. Leartiker participates in various international projects that develop in Europe and the United States. The centre also holds several patents and is currently member of its network of collaborating partners: the Mondragón Foundation, EIKA, Kautenik, BATZ, Cikautxo, Maier, Eroski and Auzo-lagun.

Participants of the TEP third edition.

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