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The technological center Leartiker started the CRAM unit


The technological centre Leartiker, located in Markina-Xemein, is devoted to promote research, development and innovation in the polymers and food areas. In order to improve continuously and with the aim to offer the best service, Leartiker started the CRAM unit. In their white ISO 7 room, they produce FDM filaments for companies and hospitals. The CRAM unit is the collaboration fruit of Leartiker expertise lines Health and Aditiva Manufacture.

Worldwide, there are many companies that produce and sell filaments for its use in FDM printers. Nevertheless, they are few ones that work with medical-grade polymers, and even many less that can manufacture the filament with this type of polymers in clean room conditions.

Since October 2018, Leartiker is able to do it. They set up a special team that started making filaments inside the white room. In fact, the first PCL samples have already been produced. Hospitals are the main clients of this type of filaments. Thanks to these filaments, they print implants or pieces in these hospitals such as the Scaffold type tissue.

Furthermore, in the short term, Leartiker will have a FDM printer in the white room. So, beside making filaments, they will have, so will their clients and partners, the opportunity to print the final product on the same technological centre.

The biomedicine sector, a challenge for Markina-Xemein's Technological Centre

The aim of Leartiker's strategic plan is that 15 % of its research volume is related to the biomedicine sector in 2020. In this sector, Leartiker research is orientated in the development of new high added value medical devices. To achieve it, various agreements have been signed by companies, universities and European entities. Hence, in Leartiker Technological Centre, new polymeric materials that collaborate in the improvement of the systems and devices that are used in the current medicine are studied.

Leartiker Elikagaien Teknologia

Edificio Tecnología de Alimentos

phone: +34 946169167

Xemein Etorbidea, 19
48270 Markina-Xemein (Bizkaia)

Leartiker Polymer R&D

Lea Artibai Berrikuntza gunea

phone: +34 946169089

Xemein Etorbidea, 12A
48270 Markina-Xemein (Bizkaia)

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