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Technological consulting
We help the farmhouse and artisan cheesemakers, on a daily basis, through the constant advice in the processes of elaboration, in the application of the current hygienic-sanitary regulations as well as in the adaptation of the labels to the new regulation on the consumer information.
Products development: applied innovation
We collaborate with farmhouse and artisan cheesemakers in the development of new products by using innovation as a way to ensure their competitiveness in the market through an attractive and differentiated product offer.
Developed R & D projects
For the last five years, we have been involved in projects to develop innovative dairy products in collaboration with cheesemakers as well as with agents related to the sector and subsidized through R & D & I programs.
Revaluation of whey
In our effort to stop seeing whey as a waste and an environmental issue to manage, we have developed different value-added products out of it. All these products are currently on the market or about to be marketed.
Specialized training for the dairy sector
From LEARTIKER-Food Technology, we organize specialization courses for the sector in topics related to the different areas of production and commercialization of dairy products.
Pilot plant of dairy products
Within the 800 square meters of LEARTIKER pilot plant, there is a specific area with the necessary equipment for the production of all types of cheese and dairy products. The prototypes of new products are realized in it as well as the execution of the specialized practical courses.
Participation in associations and institutions
LEARTIKER-Food Technology is a member of specific associations of the dairy sector. Moreover, they keep a close relationship with different agents that work in the sector of artisanal cheesemakers.


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